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You know that feeling when you get back from holiday and you look at your inbox and it makes you want to cry (or take to your bed until it magically disappears)?

I’ve got that…except it started before I went on holiday and I’ve been back for two weeks already.

So I’m making an executive decision to remove July’s technique (applique) and keep working on May (embroidery) and June (salt printing) until August (Polaroid).

I have four good embroidery ideas (and the materials to complete them) and one of them needs to be finished so I can get my shops back up and running, and I’m desperate to get them done. Salt printing is time-consuming (in that you have to have sun, and I live in Manchester) so it seemed like making my life more difficult than it had to be to carry on letting my deadlines whoosh by.

There, I feel better already!