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Having got fed up of our digital kitchen scales turning off approximately 7 3/4 grams short of whatever we were measuring, I asked Batman for a set of weighing scales for my birthday.

This resulted in an extended eBay trawl and a purchase, followed by a long delay when the delivery inevitably coincided with our being away and the neighbours’ subsequent holiday. Then, as I unpacked them, I asked the sort of question that in Latin would be prefaced with nonne and we discovered that yes, that bit of cast iron in the bottom of the box was crucial to the working of the scales.

Weights 2

So apart from the weights that came with them, we were back to square one.

On Sunday, we went on one of those outings which are specifically designed to prevent domestic disputes on Sunday afternoons. We decided to stop at the antiques centre before B&Q and stumbled across not one, not two but about four scales to choose from.

After a pleasant 20 minutes deciding on the relative merits of each set, we ended up with these.

Not only do I love them to bits, but I never would have picked them off eBay, and the man who sold them to us was really helpful. Plus, we got metric weights, so now I can work with International Food!

Real shops, I definitely recommend them.