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I’m hosting this week’s Weekword, and announcing a new idea… (thanks to John for inspiring me!)

I find that if I miss a week of Weekwords I lose track of who is hosting and then miss more weeks until someone gives me a nudge! I’ve tried googling, but never seem to get the newest word.

So, the obvious solution seemed to be transfer the whole thing to a blog, but part of the joy of Weekword is to be able to find new blogs…

So I’ve decided to try a Weekword Portal (cue dry ice and a gong)!

You’ll be able to find the Weekword and a link to the host’s blog, from there you carry on as normal, commenting on the host’s blog if you want to join in and checking back on Friday to see what everyone has been up to. The only difference is that there’s a central place to check if you miss a week or two, and we might entice more people along if they can find us on google more easily!

I realise this is all a bit unilateral, so please let me know if there are tweaks or suggestions to make it better. I’m also looking for volunteers to help keep the blog updated (Christine!).

So I’m hoping a little routine work will ensure a smooth routine for Weekworders! (I’m going to go lie down, those were unforgivable puns.)