I’ve always thrown myself wholeheartedly into living British-like…

Batman and friends have beaten most of the Americanisms out of me, and I always find things a little strange when I’m back in the States. I also can never remember when Labour Day is (and therefore find myself wearing white shoes at inappropriate moments). Apart from Thanksgiving, American holidays tend to sneak up on me.

Whether or not you generally celebrate American holidays I encourage you to support Independents’ Day (and Independence Day should you so desire) today.

Now, Batman and I are pretty obsessive about living within walking distance from real food shops, but I have to admit that when I first moved to the UK I found it really intimidating to go into shops where you had to ask for things rather than just grab stuff off the shelf.

But once I got over it, shopping became a lot less draining (probably because I saw less of Angie, the world’s slowest till operator).

So go find a nice local shop and do something you can’t do at a supermarket: buy 248g of mince, or ask them to recommend the cheese made by the friendliest cows.