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I thought it was just me, but it seems that the blogosphere has been taken over by a collective ennui, torpor and/or lethargy (so many words, so few weeks!), as Junebug points out.

Hopefully we can overcome the collective inertia with one final heave-ho to July (which, quite frankly has been rubbish)!

So please, gird your loins, keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle and bring your friends along for the last Weekword in July.

If you’ve never participated before, it’s quite straightforward. Just respond to the word of the week in anyway you like: photography, drawing, interpretive dance or dry stone walling. Leave a comment here to say you’re playing and on Friday post your work on your blog. I’ll post my interpretation along with links to everyone who is playing. You get lots of nice traffic and comments, and if you’re keen, you can offer to host it next week.