I’m pleased to cautiously announce that we may not be homeless after all! This very good news means that I can replace my we-have-no-house worries with we-have-to-pack-with-a 1-year-old worries! As usual, when faced with stressful situations I turn to the charity shop…

I’ve already bought bin bags which are only to be used for taking things to the charity shop, apparently my flight or fight reflex causes me to purge myself of possessions. But as Weekwords go, I don’t think I’m brave enough to let you all loose on Purge, so instead you can have:

Disposition (noun): arrangement, management of a situation

I’m getting picky this week, not only do you have a specific word but I’m going to see if you can keep it to the same part of speech!

To sweeten the deal, I’ll throw in a giveaway… a selection of vintage goodies that I like too much to send to the charity shop and I’d rather give to someone who I know will appreciate them!

So leave a comment if you want to play along, and I’ll add you to the giveaway list!