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‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’

It becomes a bit trite and yet I keep repeating it to myself over and over. Batman and I have been progressively downsizing every time we move (which is uncharacteristic for people in our situation). From a flat that started as a shared student flat with cupboards and presses around every corner and a massive kitchen with a maid’s room off the back to a terrace with a cellar and converted loft to a terrace with half a cellar and a shed out the back, we’re having to be very deliberate about what we own.

Until very recently, that would have terrified me. I’ve always been a keeper, I like to save things in charity shops in case someone won’t love them as much as I would. I can always see a use for something that someone else has discarded.

But recently I’ve become a bit overwhelmed by things. I’ve got rid of things I’ve been carrying around with me since I left for uni, I’ve sent fabric to the charity shop and I’m trying to decide how many pairs of knickers one person really needs (my old number was 14, but since I no longer to away to summer camp with two weeks between trips to the laundrette, this may be excessive).

Who knows if this is a permanent state or if it’s just a reaction to the stress of moving… In the mean time, I’m very pleased to announce that a box of vintage lovelyness will be winging its way to Sally. So please email me your address Sally!