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Dragon and I have been gardening this morning, or rather I strapped him to my back and tried not to fall in the mud as I crouched under a low-hanging tree and tried to plant bulbs with a spade. Did I mention the cat poo?

I am most certainly not a natural gardener. I like flowers and plants but I’ve developed a massive antipathy to houseplants and I have no patience.

So I dig holes at random and rudely shove plants in them, stamping around the base because I’m sure I’ve seen my mum do it.

Bulbs go in as they land because I think my plant biologist pals (I have several, don’t you?) have told me of the amazing light-finding abilities of plants.

In my head, the next time I look out the window there will be a cascade of fuschia and carpets of daffodils and snowdrops…I’ll let you know how it turns out.