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I was a little underwhelmed about Thanksgiving this year. It used to be the massive party we threw each year (we had 32 my first year in the Edinburgh) and as we’ve all spread out it’s shrunk. As the date approached I was less and less inclined to do anything, but had a little browse on Pinterest just in case.

That’s when it finally came together, I wanted to make things I’d never made before and fit everyone on their own chairs (behind their own nice china).

I guess it fits the theme of recent months; not just doing or keeping things because we always have, but working out which habits and things really make us happy.

If you’d like to follow along at home, here are the recipes:


This worked amazingly well, I didn’t even have to increase the amount of marinade I used. (I didn’t bother with the spring onion sauce.) I even cut the turkey up Chinese-style (or my approximation of it)…it’s funny seeing the pieces scaled up from duck to turkey size!


I may do all my greens like this from now on…gorgeous (and easy)!

For dessert we went low key with vanilla ice cream, cranberry compote (which tasted like fizzy cola bottles, oddly) and some pretty amazing chocolate sauce.