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I thought I’d try something a little different this week and branch out from photography.

I had a wee rummage about and found a nice combination of frame, vintage faux orange blossoms and a quote from one of my favourite books, ‘Strong Poison’ by Dorothy L Sayers.

“How you do it is your affair. You might say: ‘What about a spot of matrimony, old dear?’ That’s up-to-date, and plain and unmistakable. Or you could go down on one knee and say, ‘Will you honour me with your hand and heart?’ which is pretty and old-fashioned and has the merit of originality in these times.”

I have to admit that my memory of the quote involved the word novelty instead of originality, but at least I got it from a novel, so it’s not quite as bad as all that.

At any rate, I rather enjoyed making (and completing!) it and I’ve put it up for sale on my website in case any of you want to drop a hint about ways of proposing.

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