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You know me and making mountains out of molehills…so here I go again!

I’m still feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have, so I thought I’d steal ideas from Emma and Lupin and try to get rid of 365 things and photograph them while I’m at it.

Of course I started on 3 January, so I’ve got a few things to catch up on, but I’m not tying myself to do it exactly within a year. I’ll tell you the memories I associate with each thing, because sometimes I think the hardest part is feeling like you won’t have the object to pin the memories onto.

This pendant turned up via a friend of mine. She was temping in the same place I was in Edinburgh. She’s Australian and was living in a backpacker’s hostel for most of the year and when they trebled their prices over Festival season, she came and lived in our spare room.

She’s taught me to cook Roasted Pepper and Feta risotto (but I haven’t ever come round to the pumpkin part) and makes me feel really cool knowing about Triple J radio station in Australia as well as providing me with Polish pop and Eskimo Joe CDs.

This wee pendant showed up during her leaving weekend, and I gave it a home in case anyone wanted to claim it. I’ve never worn it, despite taking it off the chain it came on in preparation to wearing it. So, off it goes on a new adventure!