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Emma‘s had a nice idea for a weekly post of ‘Three things, material or theoretical, that I want this week.’

I’m still desperately working away on my Sketchbook (due in seven days) and so this is just about the level of blogging I can handle! (I’ve got heaps of things photographed for my 365 Simplicity, just haven’t got them off the camera yet.)

So my Wednesday Wishlist for this week is:

1. An adequate quantity of sleep. Dragon’s been up more than usual in the night recently and I’m an absolute zombie because of it. We’re talking 3 month-old baby levels of wakings on his part and brain function on my part, it ain’t pretty.

2. To end up with a Sketchbook I’m happy with and the time to feel I’ve done it justice.

3. A haggis! I always forget how difficult it is to find haggi in the Southland with no preparation. That’s today’s mission…it being Burns’ Night and all.