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I’ve posted my sketchbook for this year, it was a great relief!

I decided to have my sketchbook digitised by the Art House Co-op, so it will all be done official-like. You can see it when it’s done here (and if you’re on the project, let me know)!

The last few days were a little frenetic, but it was much better than last year’s effort.

I’m pleased with how it turned out, mainly due to a choice of theme, colour pallet and style which made the whole thing a consistent body of work.

To list the things I’ve learned:

  1. I can draw, I just have to practice more (surprised? me neither).
  2. I can’t yet draw successfully without working from life.
  3. I like taking my time, but I can dwell a little too much on one image.

I’m even full of plans for next year (it might involve timed drawings)!