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If I didn’t have photographic evidence, I’m not sure I’d believe it myself…

(I love the way hand sewing makes the seams a bit wiggly.)

But I was there, and I can tell you that this is a completed twin sized expanse of hand-pieced goodness.

So far I haven’t found anything in it that I can’t live with.

Dragon will be a year and a half old at the end of the month and is still sleeping in a cot, so a quilt this size wouldn’t be practical even if it was finished. (But I think he likes it so far.)

Any back or quilting ideas would be gratefully received. I’m going to strongly consider stealing the Occasional Crafter’s stripe idea, but I’m still very open to ideas. I’ll maybe write a whole post with my current thoughts, I’m quite liking basking in the glow of completion without starting to worry about the next stage…much.