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I’m meant to be working this morning, but I can’t seem to settle to anything. I’ve been having that problem all week, and it’s driving me nuts. So I decided that reading a paper (Abdominal muscle recruitment during a range of voluntary exercises…not The Guardian), doing a spot of spray painting, drinking three cups of tea and checking my email counted as work and I could devote the rest of my morning to working out what to do with the back of Dragon’s quilt.

Here are the things I’m liking…

Source: flickr.com via Katy on Pinterest


Using the fabrics from the front on the back, in fairly small quantities.


I’m very into continua of colours…but I’m not sure my colours really work this way.

Source: meamomblog.com via Katy on Pinterest


I love the horizontal stripes!


This is the most logical solution, but I don’t know how it will work with what I’ve got.

So off I go to ponder a bit more.