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I’ve finally had a change to do something that’s been lurking on one of my Pinterest boards for ages…using cornflour paste to stick fabric to stuff.

It’s a great (and temporary) way to play with different fabrics, once you’re bored with your fabric you just peel it off and give the surface a wipe with a damp cloth and your landlord is none the wiser!


The first thing I did was to replace the cardboard box which was protecting the wall behind our shoe rack from scuffs with a bit of sheet. Then I got a bit keen and decided to recover a drawing slope which I inherited from Batman’s great aunt.

You can see the result in action in this post (behind the Helvetica piece).

The instructions in the original blog post from How About Orange are very clear (so I won’t repeat them), but since I was covering much smaller surfaces, I thought I’d break down the ratios into smaller quantities for you.

The original recipe was 3/8 cup or 5 tablespoons cornflour to 4 cups water, I halved it and had enough to do both projects (although I didn’t use the same batch of paste) so you could quarter it easily. If you make the paste in advance, it’s worth reheating it slightly before you use it to make it runnier when you spread it. It should be no more than tepid really.

It’s a lovely forgiving paste, you can adjust and tweak as you go without too much trouble.

Don’t forget to clip your corners…

I cut the original fabric a bit short, so I added an extra strip at the back to hold the edges down, and it seemed to work very well.

It dried beautifully (the dampish patches dried out without leaving a residue) and held up to being schlepped about with lots of frames and things.

Verdict: I may cover everything I own in fabric….you can spread it with your fingers (very satisfying) and if the cat eats a little, you don’t have to panic!