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I have great friends…

The Helvetica sampler which turned up here was given to two friends who returned the favour and gave me a lovely poster which they designed for my birthday.

It’s been sat on the sideboard since May, and we’ve finally got it put up.

I put it in Dragon’s room because when I lie on his bed trying to get him to sleep I can read it. For some reason, looking at the dinosaur alphabet really makes me grumpy (although I love the bunnies).

Vernon the Whale and The Forest Protector are by Penelope and Pip and the large poster is, of course The Gashleycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey who is absolutely my favourite illustrator of all time. There was a poster of his on our landing and a fair few books of his about the house which I read frequently as a child and I think they were very influential on my artistic style (for better or worse).