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I know it’s early, but Belinda has thrown down the gauntlet with her White Lily Mummy Christmas Challenge and I thought it would be a good idea to get it in our heads while there’s still time to plan. Her plan goes a little like this:

I hope to buy 70% of all bits and bobs I buy for Christmas from small independent companies. Christmas is right round the corner and is one of the busiest times for the High Street.  There’s just so many people to buy for, then there is all the Christmas decorations and all the food.  Now what if we supported local businesses by buying as much as we can from small independent companies.  There are sooo many out there, all selling wonderful items which would be perfect for your family and friends.  For a small local business a sale means a lot, but a sale for a large department store is just that – it’s just a sale.

Batman and I were discussing this, and he asked several good questions (scientists are like that): “What about franchises? Or chains that support smaller makers? Or local businesses that buy in mass produced things?” I didn’t have a straight answer (artists are like that), but I drew up a Hierarchy of (Incredibly Personal) Preference and I hope it might help you think of what your priorities are when you shop.


I’ll be blogging about my Indie/Local shop finds, so keep your lists handy!

PS. I’ve been very pleasantly featured on Belinda’s blog, so go check out the post and her other picks!