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As part of my clear out this year, I’m desperately trying to finish off half-started projects which are starting to hang over me (ever since I foolishly made a list of them).


This has been seven years in the framing and was one of the best presents I ever received, so I’m really glad it’s turned out well.

My dad, ever the creative present-giver, sent me a cat in a box. It was the year before we got Kipling and cat-less-ness was weighing heavily on me.


I distinctly remember getting a bit teary when I opened it.

Step 1: a, b, c

The cat * (pretested). Blow up – knot bottom. Must fold over extra ears. *See disclaimer on front.

Step 1a: Must add fur (sample from Maurice [dad’s cat]).

Step 1b: Must add whiskers (sample from Maurice).

Step 1c: Cat’s eyes (1 pair) (Sample not from Maurice).

I think that may have been why it’s taken me so long to frame it, I wasn’t confident in my abilities to make it look special enough.


Step 2:

Food. Very important starter sample.

Step 3:

Water – not to be overlooked. Bottled water well worth it. Note, Maurice endorses this brand (“M” Water).

In the intervening years, I collected the shadow boxes and gently mused over possibilities.


Step 4:

Litter. Another important issue. Starter sample.

Step 5:

Exercise. Very important

I had quite a job keeping Kipling out of the package (and he tried to eat the PVA glue-covered test run of the cat food-in-a-pot).


The Cat Owner’s Kit –

Everything that you will need, including the cat, for a wholesome home environment for your cat.*

Endorsed by “Maurice” the knowledgeable and oh-so-correct cat.

*Our attorney (DHB) requires that we make this declaration that this is not really a complete kit in so as there is not really a kat in this kit rather said “cat” is a mock cat, which is as close as the Immigration and Naturalization Service will allow as to shipment of complete cats across International borders.

So there you have it…my Cat in a Box.