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We’ve been having a bit of an odd holiday, we all came down with various versions of a tummy bug between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day (in addition to the two sets of people on crutches), so I’m feeling a little haphazard.

In honour of my wish that 2013 will be a slightly less stressful year than 2012 has been, I put the coming year into the Crafty Search Engines and came up with (drumroll please…)

A year-planner for the superstitious (namely those who suffer from triskaidekaphobia), and

Yoda the mouse. (Now you know how I feel…)

Oh, ok… here’s another one.

(We have the opposite problem, a fridge full of cheese that no one feels up to eating!)

Hope you’ve all had a very Happy Christmas, are you resolving anything this year? I’m woefully behind in recording my 365 Simplicity, but I promise I’m close enough to the end to make it and I will post them all before February!