I think this photo is about the last time I felt like I had a handle on myself and was functioning as a competent human being…

It was Thanksgiving day, at my mum’s and we were still speaking to each other (not, I hasten to add, that we ever stopped, but there is always a danger in returning to a house in which you were once a teenager…) and I felt good enough to try some Pinterest-worthy decorations.

I’d also just finished this shawl for my mum’s cousin who had sent me a big box of her mother’s wool and knitting supplies.

I had such a hard time photographing it, my camera wasn’t capturing the rather muted colours in the way that I was seeing them.

(I think there might be a metaphor in there somewhere.)

PS. For really good shawl-in-shrub photos, please see the Yarn Harlot’s blog, for instance here or here.