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I’m having a dishes digression (or, as Batman would say, another dishes digression). My parents have handed down to me a love of tableware, and since I was a student I’ve desperately been trying to make our collection of dishes a coherent visual statement. (I know…)

2007 was a bit of a halcyon summer, not only did I manage to get Batman to look at and select a china pattern,

but lovely people then went out and bought it for us! (I’m still trying to get my head around that.)

Our everyday stuff is at least all white, but half of it is IKEA’s finest, which although inexpensive is irreplaceable because they never seem to make the same size and shape twice. It’s supremely frustrating (first world problem), and I’ve been faffing around looking for a magical solution that doesn’t exist.

I did, however, find the lovely Little Wren Pottery who will make you a whole set of dishes to order.

Little Wren Pottery


Given that both Batman and I have *very* specific ideas of what we want (even within the parameters of white plates), this would be ideal.

Little Wren Pottery - Cheese Dish


Maybe for our 10th anniversary…