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As you might have guessed from last week’s photos, my dad was in town. We did our usual trade, he helps me with light carpentry and entertains Dragon and I mend his clothes and force him to come to Pilates classes. A good time is had by all…

I’m afraid I completely forgot to take photos of this lovely display case when I bought it. It wasn’t all that different, except that the inside was roughly painted white and it needed a little TLC. Apparently the case is mahogany and the front is oak, so it seemed a shame to paint it all, so I did a little research and found a truly amazing paint stripper.

I know I don’t often review stuff, but I’m a little giddy about the eco paint stripper I got, especially given my history spending hours hanging out of a window recovering from paint stripper fumes and spending further hours melting paint with a heat gun. This was embarrassingly easy to use; paint on, go away, scrape off.

At any rate, I now have a lovely little display cabinet ready to go in the pop up shop (it’s opening tomorrow, just in case you’re passing).