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I’ll have a full Pop-up Shop Update later in the week, but here’s a Friday Find from another seller at the shop.

Lotion Bar by traditionalcraftsUK on Etsy

Lotion Bar by traditionalcraftsUK on Etsy

I’ve always got hand lotion with me, I hate the feeling of dry hands especially if I’m teaching or sewing. I get fed up of all the bottles and tubes that can’t be reused or easily recycled and I found this on Etsy a few weeks ago. I was just about to post about it when I discovered that Melanie was also going to be stocking the shop!

So when we popped in this weekend I picked up a tub. It’s gorgeous (I’ve got a slightly different version, which has a gorgeous scent), and I’ve also got some shaving soap which I haven’t opened yet. If you’re not near enough to visit the shop, you can always buy some on Etsy.