I’m taking a very brief moment from finishing my rush commission to show you some photos of the Trafford’s Taste of Spring fair last Sunday.

Misericordia at Trafford's Taste of Spring

I had a great time, (except that the scalloped edging of the stall was exactly the right height to hit me in the head a million times..stupid, but really, really annoying) the weather was quite lovely and there was lots of gorgeous stuff to eat and drink and see!

Misericordia at Trafford's Taste of Spring

I’m still trying to get a feeling of how to find the right fair for my work. This fair was mostly food, so I think a lot of people weren’t in the market for art (or were waiting for engagements and babies to be formally announced), but I gave out a lot of cards and people seemed interested, so it’s all good publicity!

I’ve got some new pieces that I’ll show you when I’ve got my commission finished…