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I am not very good with flowers, I can just about put some in a vase and remember to put water in them. I look at creative flower arrangements with a mixture of awe and disbelief. However, I found myself needing a bouquet to add a wedding-y touch to my last craft fair and I decided (as usual) to do it myself. Since it seemed sensible to make one I could use again and again, I went for a paper bouquet.

Despite the helpful attentions of a curious toddler, I think it came out rather well.

There was a lot of cutting out of petal shapes and leaves.

Then, there was curling with the edges of scissors and hot glue, lots of hot glue!

The pattern I used (link below) gave options of printing the flowers in colours, so I went with a very pale pink and cream.

They looked quite ethereal against a white wall.

Getting it into a bouquet was a bit more difficult, but with the help of a toilet roll tube (that’s always the answer to a craft conundrum), it came together quite nicely.

I used this template and instructions to make the bouquet (combined with whatever I remember from disassembling my wedding bouquets). If you try it, I’d love to see how you get on!