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I know I’m a bit late with this week’s Friday Find, but this is just too cool not to share!

It comes courtesy of my dad, who saw it in New York (I think).

The Clock – 2010

The concept is simple to explain, but fiendishly difficult to execute.

The artist (and helpers), Christian Marclay has edited together 24 hours of film clips in which clocks and watches or mentions of time appear, in real time. The film is then synchronised with the time at the venue where it is being shown. For instance, in February 2011 the film was shown in New York and London at the same time and so when New Yorkers were watching at 10am Eastern on the screen and their watches, Londoners were similarly co-ordinated at 3pm.

Pfew, it makes my head hurt just trying to explain it, let alone make it! Go have a look and tell me what you think!