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Do you ever suddenly wake up and realise that those rueful little shakes of the head that people give you when you tell them what you’re attempting to accomplish were perhaps more than just displays of encouragement and awe at your ability to get things done?

That it’s only when you somehow turn on the Babel fish and listen to yourself that it becomes apparent how much you are acting like a toddler…

(In case you don’t have a toddler to hand, here’s how to get the effect: Pick an object that you want and place it on the floor between 10 and 50 cm away from your hand. Say ‘Impf, impf’ or ‘Want it!’ repeatedly, without making any move towards the object beyond wiggling your fingers frantically. If the object does not suddenly appear in your hand, increase the volume and urgency of your cries, adding more vigorous physical emphasis (including, but not limited to throwing yourself on the floor and kicking your legs). Masters of the art will be able to carry on with great seriousness even when their fingers accidentally come to rest on the object in question. Repeat to exhaustion, either yours or that of your observers.)

But Katy, I hear you cry, what are you trying to tell us?

Just this, I am going to take some time off (as in only running one business and toddler-wrangling and whatever else I happen to list after the close of this parenthesis).

I’ve satisfactorily proven to myself that the embroidery fulfills my creative needs, and that some people like it enough to buy it. Now I have to work out who those people are, what they want from me and whether they’re willing to spend enough to keep me in stockings and fans.

There will still be blogging, because I’m so hopelessly behind in showing you what I’ve been making, and I’ve got another four commissions to finish, but I’m attempting to do a little more thinking and less doing for now.