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This week’s find was the stall almost opposite mine at the Altrincham Market last weekend.

As is the way with these things, you never get a good chance to roam about and look at other people’s work, so I only just grabbed a business card from Adam Harvey as I headed off.

As a result, I’ve had to steal photos from around the internet, so click on the photos for the original sources!

It’s hard to get a scale from the photos, but the pieces he had with him were miniscule, and balanced on tiny feet. They were also collaged, with traditional china patterns and images of 18th century ladies.

If you think they look familiar, it’s because Adam has had collections with Anthropologie…

However, it seems that there is a further spirit of adventure in the air, Adam and his wife Emma Wells (who is a glass artist) have decided to leave the heat and complications of the kiln behind and …

set off on the road in our much loved motor home, which has no name as yet.

So unlike many of my Friday Finds, I don’t have a link to an online shop, but there is an email address here, or you could pop along to the Saltaire Arts Trail between 25th and 27th May.

Happy Hunting!

(I like to get in touch with each of the artists featured as a Friday Find, so if I get any more good Adventuring Artists stories, I’ll be sure to share them!)