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You know those action films where people are running through the forest, batting at leaves and branches that reach out to grab them in the darkness?* Well everything feels a bit like that.

First there’s the general disarray of everyday life. I’ve been teaching some classes for the NHS, which is great but it takes up my whole afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Thursdays were my Misericordia days) and means I drive about 150 miles a week!

Then I’m doing Pilates equipment training and teaching, which is more exciting than anything involving that many Dr Who-ish twanging noises and names like Spine Corrector and Reformer should really be. But it takes a lot more shuffling of paper and preparation than mat classes.

Plus, there’s moving stuff and a toddler who is going through a particularly clingy stage and a cat who keeps being sick at just the wrong moment! Let’s just say there’s been a marked increase in the consumption of gin and tonic in our house!

Apparently, Misericordia work is a bit of stress relief, and when I don’t do it, I get a little ratty! This wee bag goes with me everywhere for the odd moments of stitching.

…and sometimes Kipling helps out with the commissions!

*Except these are very obviously not the leaves of dark and brooding forests, unless you’re a very small beastie who has been caught in my pepper plant.