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We’re about to take delivery of a quantity of moving boxes, which makes me want to squee and cry at about the same level.

So in order to keep myself relatively even keeled, I’ve been worrying about paint.

We’ve decided to be sensible and pay someone else to sand floors and paint for us, we’re both not very good at it, and a little short of time.

Because this was our student flat, I’m desperate to make it feel grown up. For some reason, the child isn’t going to be enough and I require a coherent decorating plan (I know…just pretend along with me).

Every room in the house is going to be painted in the shade continuum we select. The kitchen, being the darkest room gets the lightest colour, the hall the next, the living room the next and the dining room the next. This conveniently runs in order from the back of the flat to the front door. I’m pretending that I don’t care that some rooms (bedrooms and bathroom) will be out of order.

We’re so determined to do this decorating thing that I’ve manged to get Batman discussing covered electrical flex for our new light fittings! (Photos when they get cleaned up a little.)