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You know a book has really entered your child’s consciousness when an 18 month old tries to shout ‘Balderdash and Nonsense’ to complete strangers. It was fairly obvious that this was going to be one of Dragon’s favourite books..

There's No Such Thing as a Ghostie- Cressida Cowell and Holly Swain

There’s No Such Thing as a Ghostie- Cressida Cowell and Holly Swain

We got it out of the library first of all, and then had to get our own copy since he kept shouting ‘Ha, ha, ha! Wock’ard!’ at us!

So this year for Purim (I know, that was February, but I’ve finally got my photos edited!) I decided to make Dragon a Sergeant Rockhard of Her Majesty’s Guard costume.

Batman convinced me to apply decoration to purchased clothing, which was (again) probably a good idea.

He also convinced me that I didn’t need to make a belt for it because who would notice the omission? Well, in a terrifying bout of deja vu Dragon turned to me one wearing and said ‘Belt?!’*

I can’t fault his enthusiasm for it, he wears to all sorts of places. This particular adventure shows him trying to convince Trevor (a neighbourhood cat) to come with us on the bus to the museum.

*This is ironic because after commissioning a costume of Queen Esther out of a Purim book from my parents, I came down and looked at the fruits of their all-night efforts and said ‘Well, it’s pretty good..’ I believe my first sewing lesson happened that afternoon.