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What do you call your nearest and dearest?

Sweet Nothings by Misericordia 2013

My family has always favoured the more unusual pet names (I’m looking at you, Dad) but the odd sweetie pie does creep in! Dragon hates being called dear, he’ll stop mid-sentence and shout ‘I not a deer!’

Cream Puff from Sweet Nothings by Misericordia 2013

I wanted to pick endearments that were real foods, so I had a dangerous look at all those gorgeously gooey desserts!

The only other problem I had was that desserts aren’t very vivid in terms of colour.

I got very good about having opinions about very subtle shades of brown!

The only one of these I’ve ever eaten is Sugar Pie, which a friend brought to a Thanksgiving party because Batman can’t have Pecan Pie. I remember having the teeniest sliver and a very large cup of coffee with it because it was very, very sweet!

What are your favourite (or least favourite) endearments? In the grand tradition of laying oneself bare on the internet, I have been called Schmoogs, Poochareelio and Beaker, now it’s your turn to share!