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I’m on a bit of a roll, it appears that my inability to get things done may have been linked to the Not-So-Great Twos I’ve heard about. All of a sudden, Dragon has been entertaining himself (for an entire evening on Tuesday, it was weird) and I’ve been getting things finished.

I’m at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to baby gifts, first of all I am both old-fashioned and Jewish and when it comes to starting things before babies are born, I get a bit nervous. So I tend to wait until at least 20 weeks (or until I am reminded by the birth announcement that it’s time to start work).

Then I roll up my sleeves and procrastinate viciously until guilt overtakes and I get the thing done.

But I’m quite pleased with the way this one turned out. I used the ‘Pent Up Aggression’ method for the strips, where you nick the selvedges and tear instead of cutting neatly.

It’s called ‘Ripples and Eddies’ and I wanted it to be a bit sea-like, so the quilting is a bit like the water rushing up to meet the shore.

It’s all linen (although there may be some ramie/jute in the gold, they were awfully hard to tear!), so it should get nice and soft as it’s washed.

Hopefully, I’ll be tearing my way through the WIP piles, because I really don’t want to pack all of it!