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This is a pretty good illustration of the inside of my head.2013-08-11 21.40.28-1


I’ve been to Folksy Summer School over the weekend, and it was really intense. I would probably say it was like taking a really big bite of wasabi, you start with a little breathless excitement, things start to fizz and you’re feeling pretty hardcore. Then you realise it just might blow your head off and you start to panic. Just as you think you’re not cut out for this sort of thing after all, it resolves itself into a glow of accomplishment and the inexplicable urge to do it all over again.

2013-08-10 13.15.42
The weekend itself was just what you would expect if a bunch of crafty types organised a conference (I can say from first hand experience that they do it better than biostatisticians, neurologists and computer scientists – Batman excepted). It was in a lovely wood in Sheffield, there was handmade bunting, beautiful signs, oceans of tea and amazing cakes and lots and lots and lots of lovely people smiling and not looking at you askance for whipping out your sewing during a break. Did I say it was lovely?

The weekend started well when I randomly addressed myself to Twitter in search of someone to share a taxi from the station. With the help of a secret spy password I met the lovely Anna who not only helped keep the taxi driver on the straight and narrow but wrote such a complete and beautiful blog post that I’m just going to send you to her for the rundown.

I can only urge you to go to the Folksy Summer School page and click on every single link. If you need a synopsis of what I have learned, in haiku..just to carry on the Japanese theme!

etch your niche boldly
making it up’s how it’s done
(don’t forget to tweet)