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Do you remember that about a month ago I posted some photos of Dragon’s Sergeant Rock Hard costume? Well, not only did I discover that six degrees of separation is alive and well on the Internet (who knew?) but I’ve had lovely responses from both the author (Cressida Cowell) and illustrator (Holly Swain)!

Sergeant Rock Hard – by Holly Swain

Plus, Holly has sent Dragon a gorgeous drawing, and dedicated it to the wee man! We’re off to get a frame for it tomorrow, and I’ll try to get a photo of it in situ before we pack up his room next week.

I can’t get over how lovely they both were to take the time to get back to us, I’ve never written to an author or artist before and I’m seriously impressed! Have all of you (who are apparently hobnobbing with people of letters as a matter of course) got any good or bad letters from people whose work you admire?