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It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a fan of the family Felidae, teetering (I hope) on the sharp-pointy-teeth edge with my back to the ooshy cootchie coo morass.

Oh, go on then..


I’ve been wrestling with a commissioned piece which features a lion, so while it’s drying I thought I’d herd a few more felines your way.

Daddy Lion commission - Misericordia 2012

My two favourite bits of that were the white chin (at the bottom of the D) and the tufty tail!

Tiger hand embroidery by Misericordia 2012

Tigers and lions aren’t nearly as orange as you think, once you come to examine the genuine article (through the safety of the Internet). I’ve ended up with quite a lot of thread in shades of tawny. (Sounds like a sweet, looks like a trench coat, that’s the power of advertising.)

Tiger hand embroidery by Misericordia 2012

Look at that wee nose! No matter how fearsome the teeth below it, feline noses are lots of fun to embroider.

I’ve been thinking of doing some pet portrait pieces, watch this space for more information later this week!