When I finished my degree, I vividly remember my tutor saying, ‘Well Katy, I think we’ll make a photographer of you yet.’

It was a really lovely thing to say, and (despite the way it sounds) complimentary rather than otherwise.

I’m not a natural photographer, in that it’s not always my instinctual method of expressing ideas. When I do reach for the camera, I tend to find myself frustrated by the physical limits, I struggle to make the machine create my vision of the image.

Frequently, I ended up with photographic sketches, very imperfect images where viewers were more likely to say ‘Ok, I think I can see what you’re getting at.’ I was always more about the idea than the finished project.

But I’m realising that I’m going to have to reclaim some of the photographic discipline if I want to make images that tell the story of my embroideries (which are pretty hard to capture successfully anyway), and make pretty blog photos.

The photographer Lyndsey James who ran workshops at the Folksy Summer School was really good at providing encouragement and practical advice, so hopefully you’ll notice the results of my renewed efforts.

In a much less tortured vein, I found LYM’s clicky sticky tape machine and you can still get the tape! I have plans to label all of our dry foods and spices, but LYM wants to wait until we’re in the flat to see how the blue goes with the new paint (plus I’ve just discovered they do metallic tapes…)