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It sounds like we are *this* close to getting a date to move into our new/old flat. This is at once exciting and terrifying.

Since we last lived there as students (with rooms that sported, for instance, green walls, a blue ceiling and orange radiators) we’ve had lots of bits and pieces done that we always meant to get round to. I was determined that we would have a more grown-up feel to the flat this time around.

Now that it’s all painted to my rather simply complex colour scheme*, it looks like the setting for some extremely trendy interior design photo shoot. The light in the flat is gorgeous, and the beautifully empty space has allowed my mind (and my Pinterest board) to fill up with things a bit like this.

(Observant readers will notice that there is no allowance made for either our possessions, our cat or our three year old.)

Either I’ll pull off a major re-organisational coup and live in an aspirational dream home or it will still be a flat full of 75% things I love, 15% things I don’t like very much but use frequently and can’t think of better or more attractive alternatives to and 10% stuff I have determined must go but have yet to convince their owners to dispose of.

I shall, of course, keep you updated on all skirmishes and triumphs. Any good interior design blog suggestions are most welcome!

*I’ve painted every room in varying shades of Bone China Blue, with the lightest shade in the kitchen (the darkest room), getting darker as it goes towards the front of the flat where there’s more light.