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Sometimes my taste for old fashioned furniture, inexpensive pressed glass and vintage tchotchkes comes in handy. We have quite a bit of inherited furniture (it also helped that we were willing to drive the van) and bits and pieces which now are beloved additions to our daily life.

For someone who has never in her life had so much as a drag on a cigarette (hi Mum!), I have a huge soft spot for smoking paraphernalia. (That may turn up in another blog post, I keep my business cards in a cigarette case.) So when we were clearing out the house of a relative and I saw this lovely vesta case at the bottom of a box destined for a charity shop, I decided to adopt it.

It makes a rather sweet needle case, the top closes with a gorgeous snap and the rattle of the needles is very soothing.

Although now that I’ve had a quick look at the hallmarks, I’m wondering if I should keep this wee man’s hands off it!